Bonta, Alejo, and Low Join Jose Antonio Vargas to Promote New Immigration Programs for APIs

Vargas says getting his license was the “happiest day” of his life

(Sacramento, CA) – Assemblymembers Rob Bonta (D-Oakland), Evan Low (D-San Jose), and Luis Alejo (D-Salinas) were honored this week to welcome Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, filmmaker, and the founder of Define American, Jose Antonio Vargas, to the State Capitol to highlight why the Safe and Responsible Driver Act (AB 60) and the President's Immigration Accountability Executive Action are important to the Asian Pacific Islander community.

As the first and only Filipino American state legislator in the history of California, Assemblymember Bonta is committed to increasing API awareness of the new programs. "Over 1 million of the nation's undocumented immigrants are API, and 416,000 of them live in California. That means that close to half of all of the undocumented API community in the entire nation live in California. Now is the time for the API community to be fully engaged in and fully committed to the immigration discussion."

Assemblymember Low Responds to Jeb Bush’s Use of “Anchor Babies”

SACRAMENTO – Assemblymember Evan Low (D-Campbell) issued the following statement today in response to Presidential Candidate Jeb Bush’s saying that “Asian people” were using “anchor babies” to exploit our country’s citizenship birth rights at a recent news conference:

“Jeb Bush's words are offensive and clearly show that he is out of touch with the Asian Pacific Islander community. In an attempt to make a vicious political attack on an opponent, he ended up digging an even deeper hole for himself. Clearly, he has more work to do to prepare himself to be Commander-in-Chief. Gov. Bush needs to retract his statement and give our community a sincere apology.”

Assemblymember Low Responds to U.S. Supreme Court’s Ruling on Marriage Equality

SACRAMENTO – Assemblymember Evan Low (D-Campbell) issued the following statement after the United States Supreme Court issued its decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, which ruled in favor of marriage equality on a 5-4 vote:

“The U.S. Supreme Court ruling is a victory and celebration for all who stand for equal justice and equal opportunity. The California Supreme Court has already allowed same-sex marriage in our state, and this morning's ruling just reaffirms the hope and promise that all people could marry. This is a great day in the country and today, we stand on the right side of history. Love is love.”


Assemblymember Low Responds to Court’s Ruling on Initiative Proposal

SACRAMENTO – Assemblymember Evan Low (D-Campbell) issued the following statement today after Sacramento County Superior Court Judge Raymond Cadei relieved Attorney General Kamala Harris of her duty to prepare a title and summary for the “Sodomite Suppression Act” ballot initiative proposal:

“I am pleased to hear that the Superior Court has agreed with Attorney General Harris’ decision not to issue a title and summary for the Sodomite Suppression Act. The initiative is hateful, attacks innocent people, and if relief was granted, it would have been a waste of state resources. I applaud Attorney General Harris on her leadership on this issue. While the court’s ruling on this egregious initiative proposal is both legally and morally the right action to take, the events bring attention to the need to reform the initiative process.”

Low Praises Budget Passage Which Supports Working Families in California

Legislature passes on-time budget for fifth consecutive year

SACRAMENTO –The California State Assembly passed its 2015-16 budget bill today with a 52-28 vote. Assembly Bill 93 is now on the desk of Governor Jerry Brown who will have 12 days to sign or veto the bill. Assemblymember Evan Low (D-Campbell) issued the following statement after the vote:

“This on-time, balanced budget will build our state’s reserves and pay down debt. It brings opportunities and much needed resources to working families such as the Earned Income Tax Credit for low-income workers and restoration of Medi-Cal benefits and services that were cut in previous years. Most importantly, the budget shows our state’s reinvestment and commitment to education by increasing Cal Grant B funding to benefit Community College students, as well as additional funding for preK-12 programs, California State University and University of California. The budget is reflective of the values and priorities of our community and allows us to build a strong future for the people of California.”