Clergy, Elected Officials Convene Firearm Safety Roundtable

SARATOGA—Assemblymember Evan Low (D-Cupertino) and Assemblymember Marc Berman (D-Palo Alto) joined over 20 faith leaders for a roundtable discussion on firearm reform today. The group discussed the devastating loss of life that has resulted from gun violence and the ways the faith community can work with elected officials to advocate for sensible firearm reforms.

Asm. Low Introduces Legislation to Fight Opioid Crisis

SACRAMENTO—Assemblymember Evan Low (D-Silicon Valley) introduced a three-bill package of legislation today to fight the opioid crisis by addressing the overprescribing, diversion, and abuse of prescription drugs like opioids.

Los Angeles Times: California bills aim to tackle opioid addiction by curbing excessive prescriptions

Looking to combat the opioid abuse epidemic, a Silicon Valley legislator has introduced a slate of bills meant to clamp down on access to highly addictive prescription drugs.

Assemblyman Evan Low (D-Campbell) authored three measures meant to provide a better understanding of patients’ access to these medications, building on an existing state database tracking prescriptions in California.

“I don’t think there’s enough attention at the issue at hand, which is the system is not working,” Low said.