Want to help lower the voting age to 17?

Tell your state representatives to vote for ACA 10!

If approved by 2/3 of the Legislature and California voters, Assembly Constitutional Amendment 10 would lower the voting age to 17.

18-24 year olds have the lowerst turnout of any other age group. This is often because 18-24 year olds are in a state of transition-moving away from home, going to college or starting a new job. Lowering the voting age will help instill a lifelong habit of voting by catching young people while they are still connected to their community and learning about legislative process in high school.

An engaged electorate is crucial for a healthy democracy. We want to encourage everyone to vote early and vote often.

If you want to lower the voting age to 17, contact your state representatives and urge them to support ACA 10!

Find your local representative and urge support for ACA 10

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