Los Angeles Times: Meet the man driving the future of Uber and Lyft in the California Legislature

Uber and Lyft have had lots of success getting friendly laws passed at the state Capitol. For that, they can thank young, tech-friendly Democratic lawmakers, who have teamed up with Republicans who generally support fewer regulations. At the head of that coalition is Assemblyman Evan Low (D-Campbell), who co-founded the Legislature’s tech and millennial caucuses.

The 34-year-old Low, who was elected in 2014, has also written legislation to make it easier for the taxi industry to compete with ride-hailing companies.

State regulators in recent years decided to oversee Uber and Lyft, allowing the companies to avoid the patchwork of local rules that taxis have to deal with. Low’s new legislation aims to regulate cabs regionally so that they also won’t need city-by-city permits.

The idea, Low said, is for the state to create a more level playing field and prepare for the impact future autonomous vehicles will have on how Californians travel. We spoke with Low about the role of the Legislature in shaping how Uber and Lyft, which are known formally as transportation network companies, or TNCs, operate. (The interview has been edited for length and clarity.)